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Last Updated April 23, 2008
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Average Length of Domain Names

Although com/net/org domain names can be up to 63 characters long the median length of all gTLD domain names is eleven characters.  The median length for net and org domain names is ten characters.  Using a dataset from March 22, 2001 the following chart shows the distribution of domain names by number of characters.  We have not included domain names that are larger than 25 characters because combined they only make up about 0.8 percent of all domain names.

dn_length_small.GIF (40688 bytes)

click chart for larger version

If you are interested in gaining access to this data, email me. The data (beginning weekly in January 2001) is based on a sample of randomly selected domain names (see FAQ) and can be parsed in the following ways:

  • Total number of com/net/org/edu domains;
  • Newly registered com/net/org/edu domains;
  • Newly expired com/net/org/edu domains;
  • Com/net/org/edu domains by country;
  • Com/net/org/edu domains by country and postal code;
  • New com/net/org/edu domains by country;
  • New com/net/org/edu domains by country and postal code;
  • Registrars' share of com/net/org/edu domains
  • Registrars' share of com/net/org/edu domains by country
  • Registrars' share of new com/net/org/edu domains
  • Registrars' share of new com/net/org/edu domains by country

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