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Last Updated April 23, 2008
Copyright 1998-2008,
ZookNIC Inc.


Data on registrar market share of domains is available from 2000 to 2008.

Domain Name Market

In April 1999 the Network Solutions' monopoly on gTLD domain name registrations came to an end.  Since that time the number of accredited domain name registrars has increased dramatically and the entire market for domain name registrations has been restructured. 

The result of this is that by January 2001, Network Solutions is the registrar for only about fifty percent of com/net/org domain names (down from 92% a year ago) and only captures approximately 30 percent of the new domain registrations.  This is captured both in the graph below (based on zookNIC.com data) as well as reports from ICANN.

DN_market_small.GIF (33461 bytes)

click graph for large version

Geographic Variation

An interesting outcome of this market competition is that the market share for registrars varies widely between countries.  The following graphs show the market shares of the top three domain name sellers in the United States and United Kingdom in January 2001.

US_dn_market.GIF (13028 bytes) UK_dn_market.GIF (13876 bytes)

Although the purchase of a domain name is arguably the most "place independent" e-commerce transaction, i.e., the product is uniform, it requires no delivery, all registrars' website are equally accessible, etc., it is still possible to see the advantages that come from being "local".  Tucows' large market share in Canada, Melbourne IT's share of the Australian domain name market and Doregi's focus on the South Korean market all demonstrate this.

Top Holders of Domain Names

In the course of cleaning the domain name data it became possible to identify the largest holders of domain names

Access to data sets

We have been updating this data weekly starting in January 2001 although it will be only posted here occasionally.   See the FAQ for more information or email us if you are interested  in gaining access to this data.

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