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Last Updated April 23, 2008
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--------- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -----------

Lexington, KY – March 28, 2005

***Matthew Zook's Geography of the Internet Industry released***
This groundbreaking book analyses the geography of the commercial Internet 
industry. It presents the first accurate map of Internet domains in the world, 
by country, by region, by city, and for the United States, by neighborhood. 
  • Demonstrates the extraordinary spatial concentration of the Internet industry.
  • Explains the geographic features of the high tech venture capital behind the Internet economy.
  • Demonstrates how venture capitalists' abilities to create and use tacit knowledge contributes to the clustering of the internet industry
  • Draws on in-depth interviews and field work in San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

The Geography of the Internet Industry: 
Venture Capital, Dot-coms, and 
Local Knowledge
By Matthew Zook, Ph.D.
Founder of Zooknic.com


“This book is a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature on the geography of the information society ... The parallels drawn to related booms and busts of earlier eras demonstrate that the novelty of the ‘new’ economy is as mythical as the ‘end’ of geography in the information age.” Eric Sheppard, University of Minnesota

“…traces the Internet industry from its beginnings … the best picture yet of the Internet boom of the 1990s, its decline in 2000 and 2001, and its stability and slower growth since.” Edward J. Malecki, The Ohio State University

“... an authoritative and engaging account of contemporary urban-regional economic development in the information age, that has real explanatory power much like Jean Gottmann’s Megalopolis had in the 1960s. The Geography of the Internet Industry deserves a place on the reading lists of anyone serious about understanding the recent past of the Internet.” Martin Dodge, University College London